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Posted by Davina Evans on

Finn's Law - New Legislation Comes Into Force

by Davina Evans

Imagine you work for the Police. You're expected to put your life on the line on a daily basis to keep the public safe by tackling criminals, some of whom armed with knives, guns, drug paraphernalia, etc... One day, you're out with your partner and you get a call about a robbery in progress. Upon confronting the robber, he tries to escape and when you apprehend him, he pulls a knife and stabs you in the chest. Despite the excruciating agony, upon seeing him try to attack your partner, you jump forward to protect him by taking down the robber again, but this time you get stabbed in the head. You are not expected to make it through the night but, against the odds, you slowly start making a recovery, and just a few months later you are back on duty, on the front line again.

The sentence for actual bodily harm, especially against a police officer, should be expected to carry a lengthy jail term, however, in your case, the perpetrator will only be given several months' imprisonment. This is because the type of crime he has been found guilty of is 'criminal damage to property'. You are not seen as equal to your partner, despite the same level of danger you are in, because you are not human - you are a serving police dog...

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