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Cat Scratching Post with Catnip

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Protect your furniture and walls from your cat with our amazing Cat Scratching Post with Catnip.

Simply place the Cat Scratching Post with Catnip on the corner of any piece of furniture or wall to protect it from damage by your cats claws. It contains catnip which all cats find irresistible so they will use the scratching post to sharpen their nails without damaging your home.

Cats need scratching posts to help strengthen their muscles, keep their claws sharp and relieve stress. 

It's so simple to use but will save you from having scratches on your expensive furniture which all cat owners will know only too well.

Made from eco-friendly sisal, this Cat Scratching Post with Catnip is very durable, strong, non-toxic and does not contain allergens so is safe for people and pets who suffer from Asthma and allergies.

Available in 4 different colours, and measuring 19" (49cm) in length, this is the perfect scratching post to keep your cat happy, and your furniture intact!


  • Great for protecting your furniture & walls from damage
  • Suitable for free-standing or attaching to wall
  • Contains catnip - proven to attract all cats
  • Keeps cats healthy, stress-free and claws sharpened
  • Natural hard-wearing sisal material
  • Colours: Grey, Brown, White, Purple
  • Size: (approx) 49cm x 23cm (19" x 9")

Please Note:

Due to measuring by hand, please allow a sizing error of 1-2 cm.

Please allow up to 20 days for delivery.