Store Paws Dog Training Service

Store Paws Dog Training Service



Store Paws Dog Training Service

Store Paws now offers a one-to-one dog training service in the Stanford-le-Hope, Corringham, Fobbing, Pitsea, Basildon, Horndon on the Hill and Langdon Hills areas in Essex.

There are many reasons your dog might need training. You might have a puppy that needs to learn the basics and socialisation. You might have a dog that needs to learn better lead etiquette. Maybe your dog is very reactive to other people/ animals and you need him to calm down and stop barking. Perhaps you have taken on a rescue dog and found she has come with some unwanted, challenging behaviours... Whatever the reason, Store Paws Dog Training Service can help give you the tools to educate your dog and modify its' behaviour in order to build a more positive relationship and communicate more effectively with your pooch!

Our trainers are fully qualified, have attained Diplomas in Animal Care, Pet Dog Care and Dog Training, and have 20+ years experience working with dogs, so are fully conversant in animal husbandry, animal first aid, dog training and the Animal Welfare Act.

We only operate using Positive Reinforcement (or Positive Reward Based Training) methods as we find that the dogs tend to learn easier this way (and build mutual trust and respect) than through punitive methods based on fear and intimidation.

Reward Based Training has been proven to motivate a dog to exhibit good behaviour when it receives rewards (treats, praise, favourite toy) for 'getting it right' much faster than other methods. You should still be setting boundaries for your dog as well though - a dog, much like a child, needs guidance and rules so that s/he can develop into a well-mannered member of the family - so although we believe in positive reinforcement to cement in acceptable behaviours, it is still permissible to reprimand your dog if they are in the act of doing something unacceptable! As long as the reprimand is humanely corrective, such as using the "Uh-Uh" command or a gentle tug on the lead if they are pulling away from you...

Store Paws offers a FREE, no obligation, introductory meeting to discuss your needs, and a package tailored around your needs will be developed. We prefer private one-to-one sessions with the client and the dog as this prevents unwanted distractions, unless socialisation training is required but then we would gradually introduce your dog to others and build up exposure slowly.

Our dog training service will run from 9am-6pm Monday to Sunday.



Each training session will be one hour long and priced at £40 per session..


Please call 07928 333195 or contact us here for further details



Payments can be made via:

  • Cash 
  • Online Payment (an invoice will be sent from Store Paws) - this can be paid by PayPal or credit/ debit card
  • Direct Debit
  • Bank Transfer