Coronavirus Update | Store Paws

Coronavirus Update

Dear valued customers,

We at Store Paws wanted to let you know that, in light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, in addition to our usual high standards of health and hygiene, we are undertaking the following stringent precautions in order to keep any possible spread of infection under control:

  • Hand hygiene. We are ensuring our hands are washed thoroughly upon entry to your house and when bringing back your pet from its' walk. We will be using disposable gloves during the walk and will dispose of them away from your property.
  • Surface cleaning. We will keep contact with any of your surfaces to a minimum but will be carrying anti-bacterial wipes so can wipe down any surfaces/ cupboards/ doors/ taps that we may have handled (eg: door handles, when filling up water bottles/ bowls, retrieving leads/ harnesses, etc...).
  • Pet cleaning. We will ensure your pet's feet are cleaned before re-entry to your house. We clean all pets anyway when necessary - especially due to the recent wet weather and muddy environments we have been encountering, but will clean their paws with warm, soapy water even if they are not muddy or dirty just to get rid of any outside contaminants. Store Paws uses a 5-litre water sprayer in order to thoroughly clean your pet outside of your home and will make sure they are dried off before they come back indoors!
  • Collars/ Leads/ Harnesses. As mentioned previously, we will be carrying anti-bacterial wipes so will wipe down your pets' collars, harnesses and leads too.
  • Shoes. All our dog walkers and pet sitters will remove their shoes before entering your property to ensure they are not walking any outside contaminants through your home.

The above list is not exhaustive and we will add to it if there are any additional precautions we need to undertake.

I would like to reassure you that we at Store Paws are taking this current situation very seriously and appreciate the importance of ensuring your home remains infection-free at this troubling time.

We would also like to reassure your pets that we are fully stocked with treats so they do not have to worry either!

Please feel free to message us via our contact page if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely,
Davina Evans, Owner, Store Paws