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Catnip Snack Ball / Cat Candy

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Cats love catnip and cannot resist it. This Cat Candy snack ball is made with the finest Catnip and will give your feline friend a great treat that they will love.

The Cat Candy snack ball contains catnip and fish extracts that promote better health for your cat including shinier fur and clearer eyes, and can be attached to any surface thanks to the sticker on the bottom.

This item can also promote an increase in water intake, as the motion of licking the ball stimulates the need in the cat to drink more - very handy of you have a pet that does not like to drink much!

The Cat Candy snack ball can be saved for later use thanks to a cover that is also supplied.

Your cat will love you for it - what are you waiting for?


  • Made with finest catnip and fish extracts
  • Can be attached to any smooth surface via sticker on bottom
  • Comes with lid so can be used at a later time

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