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Inflatable Pet Collar - Grey

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Inflatable Pet Collar - Comfy Alternative to Traditional Lampshade Collar

This item is manufactured with premium material for durable and long-lasting use. The precise design and soft texture will make your pet comfortable during wearing. The sturdy structure and craft make it looks unique and exquisite. It will provide a safe and humane method of preventing cats and dogs from aggravating a healing wound or injury. This item will not restrict your pet's field of vision either.

- Color: Grey.
- Material: Short plush and PVC.
- Size L: Approx. 40cm(Length);  40cm(Width); 13cm(diameter); 38-50cm(perimeter)
  Size M: Approx. 27cm(Length);  27cm(Width); 8cm(diameter); 25-36cm(perimeter)
  Size S: Approx. 23cm(Length);  23cm(Width); 5cm(diameter); 12-20cm(perimeter)
- Short plush cover is soft, which makes your pet feel warm and comfortable.
- The air bag is made of PVC materials, environment friendly and durable. In addition, you can take the air bag out and wash the cloth.
- Available of 3 sizes and the perfect adjustment buckle, suitable for all types of dogs.
- Withstand impact of various types of dogs, buckle is smooth, corrosion-resistant, and durable.
- In shower, hairdressing and skin diseases operation, it is effectively to avoid your pet's licking and scratching.