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Laser Cat Toy 360-Degree Self Rotating Ball

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Laser Cat Toy 360-Degree Self Rotating Ball

By darting about in different directions, this laser ball will attract and keep your cat or kitten's attention for ages, and encourages their natural hunting instincts. It will also keep your pet distracted from damaging your furniture!

The auto-move functionality of this laser cat ball toy, means it automatically changes direction when it meets an obstacle.

Suggested play is around 15 minutes at a time; this is optimal for keeping your pet's interest piqued. 

Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly ABS.

Comes with 3 x AG13 button batteries. 

How To Use:

  • The primary purpose of the self-rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun.
  • With just a single press of a button, the ball will start to do a 360 degrees self-rotation and attract your pet's attention.
  • The ball will continuously move around your house while producing a red light simultaneously.
  • Reducing boredom in your pet. The self-rotating ball will keep your pet busy and get them up and move.


  • MaterialABS
  • Size6.4 cm
  • Colour: Blue, White, Red
  • 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball Automatic Light Cat Toy
  • Automatic direction change
  • Excellent indoor exercise for your pet
  • Weight: 135g    
  • Brand: Comzendle