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Ultrasonic Dog Whistle And Training Clicker Set With Free Lanyard

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Ultrasonic Dog Whistle And Training Clicker Set With Free Lanyard

This dog training set comprises of an ultrasonic dog whistle, a training clicker and comes with a free lanyard for ease of portability.

This useful little set will get your beloved pooch in line with a few simple training techniques.

Clicker training is simply a training method that marks desirable behaviour with a click followed by a reward. It offers a clear and more importantly consistent form of communication the let your dog know he or she is doing something right. When this is backed up with positive reinforcement (a treat, a favourite toy or petting) it will become second nature and your dog will look to repeat this behaviour as it will associate the sound of the “click” with something it enjoys.

The whistle is one of the most important tools for training recall. Unlike the human voice which will change depending on how you are feeling, the dog whistle produces an identical sound every time it is blown. It also can be heard by your dog over much longer distances making it ideal for recall training out in public. With puppy training you must master the sit and stay commands before moving onto recall. If you have trouble with your dog barking, blowing on the whistle to interrupt them will stop them barking. When they stop, reward with a treat.

The training clicker is attached to a flexible coiled plastic which goes around your wrist and measures 8cm x 3.5cm (3.14" x 1.37").

The ultrasonic dog whistle is made of copper and measures 9cm (3.54").

The lanyard is made of polyester and measures 50cm (19.68").