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Undergravel Filter Plate

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Undergravel Filter Plate

The two basic things you want in your aquarium are a good filter media base for strong biological filter growth, and clean, clear water.

The Undergravel Filter (UGF) is a plate type filter that is designed to pull water down through a media base (substrate) that sits on top of the plate, trapping particles in the media as the water passes through it. The surface area of the substrate acts as your biological filter base. A UGF is run by an air pump and air stones, or some types can be used with a powerhead. We feel that these filters can be very effective, but are best used in tanks under 55 gallons in size, and are NOT appropriate for use in reef tanks.

Here are some pointers to help ensure that your UGF runs properly:

  • The media base needs to be thick enough to trap the particles, but not so thick that it defeats the filtering process. A layer of about two inches of fairly coarse material should be sufficient. If the media is too fine it will clog the filter plate, and if it's too course, it won't trap the particulates as it should.
  • Make sure you have sufficient air/water flow in all areas under your UGF. Dead spots will allow bad bacteria to grow, as bad bacteria grow in oxygen-depleted environments.
  • Be sure to use an air pump that has sufficient volume to draw the water through the media and UGF plate.
  • Use a hang-on-tank type canister filter as a pre-filter to help remove particulates that are free floating in the aquarium water. This can help to remove and cut down on the organic matter that is drawn down into the media. No matter what type of pre-filter unit you use, be sure to clean or change the pleat cartridge, floss or sponge several times a week, or as soon as it starts turning brown. You can tell when it needs changing, the water flow rate begins to decrease noticeably.


Size: 14.5cm x 14.5cm x 2.75cm
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black,White
Style: with nozzle or without nozzle
Conversion: 1cm = 0.39inch / 1 inch = 2.54cm

Please Note:

Due to measuring by hand, please allow a sizing error of 1-2 cm.

Please allow up to 20 days for delivery.